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Internationalist Theatre (originally called New Internationalist Theatre)
Internationalist Theatre Wikipedia:
Angelique Rockas founded Internationalist Theatre (originally called New Internationalist Theatre in 1980 . Athol Fugard accepted to be on the company`s advisory board : see the for scans of his two letters , as wellas the Mother Courage press release. It was the first company in Britain to perform great classics with actors from multi-racial and multi-national backgrounds living in the Britain, choosing European continental, American, African, Sub-continent and white Anglo-saxon members to perform in Genet`s `The Balcony`, Griselda Gambaro`s `The Camp`,
Brecht`s `Mother Courage and Her Children` , the British premier of the English language performance of Luigi Pirandello`s ` Liola`, Tennessee Williams ` In the Bar of a Tokyo Hotel` , Strindberg`s `Miss Julie` , Maxim Gorky`s `Enemies` etc
Many of the policies the company fought for are now common practice . The company`s productions have brought important talents in directing, design, and acting to the public`s attention , and some of the company`s stagings the best of their kind.