If you’ve found a mistake on the site, please do not get in touch – create an account and correct the mistake yourself!

My local theatre is missing; I’m missing; This famous actor/ play/ theatre/ production is missing!
Theatricalia is based around productions – if a play has not been and is not going to be performed, or if a theatre has never or is not going to host a production, it does not yet need to be on the site. To add a production, follow the simple interface (you can also follow links from any existing place or play page), and you can add any missing play, place, or people along the way.
What do I do if there are two entries for the same play/ place/ production company/ person?
Please use the duplicate link on one entry, and then the button that appears on the duplicate entry, to let me know about the duplicate. I will merge one into the other, hopefully without losing any information.
I have some theatre programmes, but I don’t have the time to enter all the information. How can I help?
Please upload programme pictures to our Theatricalia Flickr group. That way, someone else might have the time to add the information. Every little helps.
I have a database of theatre productions that I would like to put on Theatricalia – is that possible?
It is indeed, and thank you – please get in touch and we’ll get it on the site without you having to type it all in again!
How does the search work? I typed Katie Stevens and it knew I meant Katy Stephens.
It’s magic, in the Arthur C. Clarke sense. Actually, it involves a nifty thing called homophone matching. If you’re interested, the algorithm I use is available on my GitHub.
The space between the “C” and the “Clarke” in the previous question is smaller than a normal space. You’ve gone a bit overboard typographically, haven’t you?
No. Websites can try and follow The Elements of Typographic Style; it’s nicer. I am happy every time I see the profile pages using the possessive apostrophe correctly; that dates are all printed prettily; that the only ' and " on this site will be if a play title includes feet and inches (and at that point I’ll have to write some code for that). Please make sure your contributions use correct spelling and grammar. ☺
You’re missing a country from your list?
To paraphrase the United Nations list of countries:
“The designations employed and the presentation of country or area names in this list do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of [us] concerning the legal status of any country, territory, city or area or of its authorities, or concerning the delimitation of its frontiers or boundaries.”
What is your privacy policy?
Your provided name, username, biography, and website (if given) are publicly available on your profile page. We will never give or sell any other details to anyone else, unless we are obliged to by law.
I have a bug report or feature request
Please do get in touch.