The Balcony

Angelique Rockas founded New Internationalist Theatre -later known as simply Internationalist Theatre company to perform multi-national and multi-racial productions in what was then a rather xenophobic London. The Stage announced the formation of this ground breaking company on its news page in Apil 1981. The Sierra Leone actress Ellen Thomas played Irma, Angelique herself, Yvette, Yves Aubert, The General, Okon Jones the Executioner. See full cast list on link attached. Mike Darval enthused that this production captured a quality of sleeze that eluded the RSC , See Wikipedia entry. And the Stage critic applauded the production not only for being genuinely multi-racial but also for its artistic merits.The First multi-racial production of a great European classic in British theatrical history

Cast & Crew


The Bishop
The Chief of Police
The Envoy
The Executioner/Arthur
The General
The Girl/Chantal
The Judge
The Man/ 1st Photographer
The Thief


Design Assistant
Design Assistant
Lighting Designer
Lighting Designer
Roy Weskin and Sion Evans
Stage Mangement


  • Internationalist Theatre production photo of Genet The Balcony

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Play description

The Internationalist theatre (originally called New Internationalist Theatre) production
of Jean Genet`s `The Balcony ` is also on Wikipedia


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