Spotting duplicates and other improvements

Happy New Year :-)

Due to the vagaries of data, there will be a number of duplicates in Theatricalia. To help solve this, I’ve just launched an interface for people on the site to let me know about them so that they can be merged together (always keeping the old URLs working, of course). It’s quite nifty (if I do say so myself) – clicking the “This is a duplicate” link on any person, play, place or production company will store that item in your session, and from then on visiting any other page of the same type will add a nice red button in the top right so you can then point out which one is the duplicate.

Production companies now have their own URLs and are editable, linking up the data even more (though the request for productions having multiple production companies arrived very quickly :) ), and there have been various other minor improvements and bug fixes (date ranges are tricky, especially when dates are optional).

Thanks to everyone who’s been adding productions in the last couple of months; special thanks to Jamie for the parser to add all this season’s pantomimes to the site, and Jayne for her many suggestions and comments.

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