The Vortex

Cast & Crew


Bruce Fairlight
Bunty Mainwaring
Clar Hibbert
David Lancaster
Florence Lancaster
Helen Saville
Nicky Lancaster
Pauncefoot Quentin
Tom Veryan



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  1. On 23rd August 2020 at 1:14 a.m., Longfist1 noted:

    In 1989 we were 15 and my friends and loved Rupert Everett so we came to see him after the show. We were obsessed with the film dance with a stranger and had family friends who had a flat in Maida Vale and it was wear Ruth Ellis lived (the last person in England to be hanged) . We met Rupert to tell him where we were staying on a traffic island outside the gatrrick theatre. We waited away from the theatre after stage door where groupies wanted autographs. Met him in the middle of the road and asked him if we could have a kiss; we said “would you mind awfully if we gave you a kiss” ( a similar line that he said In ‘another country’) and he sniffed and said “ok”. He sniffed and said “yes ok’

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