Quiet Wedding

Cast & Crew


Arthur Royd
Dallas Chaytor
Denys Royd
Florence Bute
Flower Lisle
Flower Lisle (Replacement)
Janet Royd
Jim Brent
John Royd
Madame Mirelle
Maid (Replacement)
Marcia Brent
Mary Jarrow
Mildred Royd
Miranda Bute


Director (Assistant)


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  1. On 3rd June 2021 at 9:17 p.m., rodonisle noted:

    From a 1939 journal: “After dinning at the Corner House at Piccadilly Circus we saw an entertaining play at the Piccadilly Theatre – “Quiet Wedding” by Esther McCracken with Frank Lawton and Elizabeth Allen.”

    Odd that Wiki pages for the theatre, the actors, and the play do not list this performance.

  2. On 15th June 2021 at 4:22 p.m., ovaltrack noted:

    Review from Middlesex Chronicle, 13 May 1939
    Esther McCracken’s successful comedy, "Quiet Wedding,” started a new six-weeks’ run at the Piccadilly Theatre on Monday, with Elizabeth Allan as the bride and Frank Lawton as the bridegroom and Marie Lohr heading a strong supporting cast. This story of a quiet wedding which turned out not so quiet makes remarkably effective dramatic material, and patrons are assured of a thoroughly entertaining evening. The acting maintains a very high standard.

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