The Lord’s Lieutenant

World Premiere Production

Cast & Crew


Au Pair Girl
Jo Graham
Johnny King
Lady Rosemary
Lord Froxfield
Mr. Grant
Mr. Withers
Mrs. Grant
Mrs. Green
Mrs. Smithson
Vicar’s wife


Lighting and Sound
Organ of St. Andrews, Farnham, played by
Set Designer


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Play description

The calm serenity, and perhaps complacency, of life in a peaceful English village is suddenly disturbed by the arrival of a pop star, actually invited by the Vicar to take part in a dialogue in church. Some of the congregation are shocked – some feel the faith that their ancestors lived and died for to be threatened. But the pop star’s arguments have an appeal for the new and young generation, and he has a very personal appeal for one rather special member of the congregation.


  1. On 13th January 2022 at 10:41 p.m., Peter_Hunter noted:

    The Church choir and congregation were played by members of the local population.

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