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Paul Wright is a theatre, TV and film set designer. He is also a published author of three non-fiction books and two novels, for sale through Amazon Books and good bookstores. His latest novel is entitled ‘An Italian Island.’
Following a period of study at the Southport Art College, his first job was for a shop window display company in Liverpool. In 1963, as ‘Beatle-Mania’ was about to sweep the world, he became involved in painting murals in many of the new clubs that were springing up all over the city. When the Beatles left the city demand for Paul’s work by the clubs diminished and he went to work as a scenic artist and later as a stage designer for the Liverpool Playhouse Theatre, and over the next 16 years he worked for several repertory companies throughout the UK. In the early 1980s, he won the London West End Scenic Art award for ‘The Aspen Papers’ starring Vanessa Redgrave and Christopher Reeve and designed the sets for ‘The Importance’ at the Ambassador Theatre. Paul then went into television and was part of the BBC design team responsible for the scenic design on the ‘Dr Who’ science fiction series as well as working in films for British television and cinema. During this period he also worked on many TV commercials and his experience in theatre, television and film led to him working on a multi-million pound TV ice-ballet spectacular based on Tchaikowski’s ‘Sleeping Beauty’ that was screened to a world wide audience.
In the mid 1980s, Paul started his own art studio in Surrey where he specialised in hand painted interiors for private homes, villas, hotels, offices and clubs. Paul’s work attracted the attention of important architects and interior designers in London and abroad and private clients such as Mohamed Al Fayed (then the owner of Harrods department store in Knightsbridge), Mike Rutherford (lead guitarist of the rock band ‘Genesis’), Phil Collins (of ‘Genesis’), the Sutton Place Arts Foundation in Surrey (at one time the home of Paul Getty), His Royal Highness the Sultan of Brunei, Ratners Jewellers and Garrards Crown Jewellers. He also designed and painted many trade-show exhibition stands including for the World Wildlife Fund.
In 1991, Paul moved to Lake Como Italy, with his wife Nicola, where he continues to work from his studio base. Paul’s work has been featured in many art exhibitions and on two live programmes for Italian Television, plus dozens of periodicals and newspapers worldwide.

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