Man and Superman

This production was intended to star Peter O’Toole. When he chose to make the film HOW TO STEAL A MILLION instead, it became a vehicle for Alan Badel.

Cast & Crew


Ann Whitefield
Hector Malone
  (credited as Edward Bishop)
Henry Straker
John Tanner
Miss Ramsden
Mr Malone
Mrs Whitefield
Octavius Robinson
Roebuck Ramsden
Violet Robinson
Henry Straker
  (started 9th May 1966)
Violet Robinson
  (started 9th May 1966)


Costumes designed by
  (credited as William J Winn)
Presented by
Presented by
Assistant Stage Manager
Company and Stage Manager
Deputy Stage Manager
Press Representative
Production Manager
Production Photographs
  (credited as Louis Morley)
Scenery constructed by
Scenery painted by
Special Properties made by
Wardrobe Mistress
Wigs by


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