Angelique Rockas

In 1981 Angelique Rockas founded Internationalist Theatre (originally called New Internationalist Theatre) to perform plays with multi-racial and multi-national casts from actors based in London . Race, accents , nationality did not matter. As Artistic director and founder of this company she oversaw the production of Genet`s `The Balcony`, the British premiere of Griselda Gambaro`s `The Camp `, Brecht`s `Mother Courage and Her Children` , sponsored Fabio Perselli `s British premiere of the first English language performance of Luigi Pirandello`s `Liola` under the aegis of Internationalist Theatre , the British premiere of Tennessee Williams ` In the Bar of a Tokyo Hotel` , Strindberg`s `Miss Julie `, and associate in Gorky`s `Enemies` under the direction of Ann Pennington – to name some
Angelique Rockas also performed in the above stated productions apart from Liola

Alternative performance names :Angeliki Rockas in Theatro Technis productions , and Anjelique Rockas as Henrietta in Nic Roeg`s The Witches

Past productions

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