Peace in Our Time

Cast & Crew


1st SS guard / young German soldier
2nd SS guard / Mr Williams
3rd SS guard
4th SS guard / a man
a woman
Albrecht Richter
Alfie Blake
Alma Broughton
Archie Jenkins
Ben Capper
Billy Grainger
Bobby Paxton
Chorley Bannister
Doris Shattock
Dr Venning
Frau Huberman
Fred Shattock
George Bourne
German soldier
Gladys Mott
Herr Huberman
Janet Braid
Kurt Foster
Lily Blake
Lyia Vivian
Mr Grainger
Mr Lawrence
Mrs Grainger
Mrs Massiter
Nora Shattock
Phyllis Mere
Stevie Shattock


Production under the supervision of
  (credited as G E Calthrop)


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