And Then There Were None

“Playhouse director Kenneth Alan Taylor not only directs the production but also plays the part of the judge, Sir Lawrence Wargrave. This role was to have been played by Marius Goring, 75, who has dropped out for personal reasons.” – ‘Famous tale of murder comes to the Playhouse’, Nottingham Evening Post 29th August 1987 (page 30)

The role was taken over in the West End by John Fraser.

Cast & Crew


Anthony Marston
Dr. Armstrong
Emily Brent
General Mackenzie
Mrs. Rogers
Philip Lombard
Sir Lawrence Wargrave
Vera Claythorne
William Blore
Narracot (replacement)
  (started 29th September 1987)
Sir Lawrence Wargrave (replacement)
  (started 29th September 1987)
Vera Claythorne (replacement)
  (started 8th February 1988)


Lighting Designer
Presented by (West End)
Presented in association with (Nottingham)
‘On the Book’ (Nottingham)
Assistant Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Company and Stage Manager
Deputy Stage Manager
Wardrobe Master


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  1. On 6th August 2023 at 6:43 a.m., EvilTwinBob noted:

    Marius Goring was originally cast to play the rôle of Sir Lawrence Wargrave but had to withdraw for personal reasons at short notice just before the premiere in Nottingham. He was replaced on opening night by the play’s director, Kenneth Alan Taylor. The rôle was recast by John Fraser.

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