The First Gentleman

Cast & Crew


Caroline, Princess of Wales (The Regent’s Wife)
Charlotte, Queen of England (The Regent’s Mother)
Companion to Caroline
Dr Stockmar
Dr Stockmar (Replacement)
Edward, Duke of Kent
Lady Conyngham
Lady Conyngham (Replacement)
Lady Hertford
Lady Hertford (Replacement)
Miss Cornelia Knight
Mr Henry Brougham
Mrs Griffiths
Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg
Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg (Replacement)
Prince Regent’s Dresser
Prince Regent’s Dresser (Replacement)
Princess Augusta
Princess Augusta (Replacement)
Princess Charlotte (The Regent’s Daughter)
Princess Charlotte (The Regent’s Daughter) (Replacement)
Princess Elizabeth (The Regent’s Sister)
Princess Mary (The Regent’s Sister)
Servant at Claremont House
Servant at Connaught House
Sir Richard Croft
The Bishop of Salisbury
The Prince Regent of England
William, Hereditary Prince of Orange




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