Cast & Crew


Candida Morell
Eugene Marchbanks
Miss Proserpine Garnet
Mr. Burgess
Rev. Alexander Mill (Lexy)
Rev. James Morell


Costume Supervisor
Set Construction
Stage Management


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  1. On 3rd October 2021 at 8:44 p.m., LT noted:

    As a relatively young actor, I was cast in this production as Lexy Mill and remember it as being a very happy cast. At the time, I was also playing sax in a Blues Band and gigging at weekends, sometimes late after a show! One afternoon, during a matinee and while still hanging around in my dressing room on the top floor, I had taken a call in a pay phone booth in the hallway, to get directions from a fellow band member as to how to get to the gig that night. I completely lost track of where we were in the show and was stuck with my head inside a perspex phone ‘bubble’ mounted on the wall….I was vaguely aware of hearing Amanda, our DSM, giving my call on the PA… still didn’t register how close we were to my entrance. I was wearing a full length cassock with a million tiny hook and eye fixings down the front….all of which were undone as it was a very hot day and I had only a pair of shorts and a t-shirt underneath…I then heard the now desperate call on the PA, “Mr Thornbury to the stage immediately!” and the penny dropped. Over the show relay I then heard the lines of the Bill Whymper (what a delightful, gentle and kind man) who was basically about to give my cue! I dropped the phone and ran as fast as I could down the stairs while struggling to hook up the millions of hook and eye fixings on the cassock…. I just about managed to do so and burst through the stage door, ran straight to the entrance door on the set and saw my cue light was green and opened the door bang on the cue, and went straight on stage. I was totally out of breath and obviously feeling terrified at how close a call this had been, but somehow manages to conceal it, spoke my line or two before sitting on the sofa stage centre, next to Poppy. I then struggled to continue to appear as though I was very relaxed and calm while almost dying from needing to breath deeply! I am not sure if the rest of the cast ever knew exactly what had happened, but it almost killed our dear DSM Amanda from fright and cost me a box of chocolates and some flowers the next night!! I learned a great deal that day! I had such a happy time on that show.
    Lawrence Thornbury.

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