Three Waltzes

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The story is set in three different eras.
Act 1 Victorian.
Backstage at the Alhambra, rising star Katharine Sheridan sacrifices her love for the Hon Richard Wessex in order to advance her career. She accepts a new contract from impresario John Brunner and abandons a distraught Richard.
Act 2 Edwardian.
A generation later, backstage at Daly’s Theatre, famous singer Kate Sheridan (daughter of Katharine from Act 1) is madly in love with the Hon. Dickie Wessex (whose father loved and lost Kate’s mother.) This time Kate does give up her career for love of Dickie, only to find country-life boring, and abandons him when the smell of the greasepaint proves too strong.
Act 3 Georgian.
The third generation of Sheridans sees film-star Kay (daughter of Kate from Act 2) in Hollywood where she meets Dick, son of the previous Dickie. In spite of the urgings of Stanislaus Vayda, the colourful Hungarian film director, this time, Kate finally realises that Love is the most important thing – and she leaves show business to marry and live happily ever after as Mrs Wessex.

Cast & Crew


Act 1 – Admiral of the Fleet, Lord Robert Wessex
Act 1 – Caroline, Duches of Dorney
Act 1 – Flower (a Butler)
Act 1 – John Brunner (Josef’s Son)
Act 1 – Josef Brunner (a Theatrical Agent)
Act 1 – Katherine Sheridan (a Dancer)
Act 1 – Lady of the Ballet, Cora Cobb
Act 1 – Lady of the Ballet, Dora Deighton
Act 1 – Lady of the Ballet, Flora Friend
Act 1 – Lady of the Ballet, Laura Dean
Act 1 – Lady of the Ballet, Moyra Clarke
Act 1 – Lady of the Ballet, Nora Croyden
Act 1 – Lady of the Ballet, Theodora Chandos
Act 1 – Lady of the Ballet, Thora Baines
Act 1 – Lord Basil Wessex
Act 1 – Lord George Wessex
Act 1 – Louis Marquand (a Theatrical Costumier)
Act 1 – Major-General Lord Henry Wessex
Act 1 – Miss Bridges
Act 1 – Mrs Evan Evans (Katherine’s Chaperone)
Act 1 – Rene Ducroix (an Artist)
Act 1 – Richard Wessex
Act 1 – The Ven Archdeacon Lord Matthew Wessex
Act 2 – Dickie Wessex (Richard’s Son)
Act 2 – Frederick (a Waiter)
Act 2 – Hal Wilkins (Stage Manager at Daly’s Theatre)
Act 2 – John Brunner (Impresario)
Act 2 – Katie Sheridan (Katherine’s Daughter, a Singer)
Act 2 – Max Brown (a Backer of Plays)
Act 2 – Mrs Evan Evans (Katie’s Chaperone)
Act 2 – Netta Stevenson (Val’s Wife)
Act 2 – The Gov’nor
Act 2 – Val Stevenson (Producer at Daly’s Theatre)
Act 3 – 1st Camera Man
Act 3 – 2nd Camera Man
Act 3 – Alistair MacDougall (a Casting Director)
Act 3 – An Actor
Act 3 – Assistant Director
Act 3 – Bob Steiner (Associate Producer)
Act 3 – Dick Wessex (Dickie’s Son)
Act 3 – Gloria Grant (a Waitress)
Act 3 – Harry Lewis (Musical Director)
Act 3 – John Brunner
Act 3 – Kay Sheridan (Katie’s Daughter, a Film Star)
Act 3 – Marjorie Russell (a Writer)
Act 3 – Sound Man
Act 3 – Stanislaus Vayda (a Film Director)


Book (Original)
Book (Original)
Book Adaptation


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  1. On 9th March 2020 at 12:53 p.m., DancingDiana noted:

    Hi, My parents (Elsie Young and Samuel Young) were in the Audience of The Three Waltzes, watching Evelyn Laye when Peace was declared in 1945. When this announcement was made, apparently it was very well received by the whole Audience!

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