Trelawny of the Wells

National Theatre

Cast & Crew


Arthur Gower
Augustus Colpoys
Avonia Bunn
Captain de Foenix (Chichester)
Clara de Foenix
Ferdinand Gadd
Footman; T/O Charles
Footman; T/O Mr Denzil
Footman; T/O Mr Mortimer; T/O Charles
Footman; T/O O’Dwyer
Imogen Parrott
James Telfer
Miss Brewster; T/O Sarah
Miss Trafalgar Gower
Mr Ablett
Mr Denzil (Chichester)
Mr Hunston
Mr Mortimer; T/O Arthur Gower
Mrs Mossop
Mrs Telfer
Rose Trelawny
Sir William Gower
Stage doorkeeper at the Pantheon
T/O Avonia Bunn
T/O Captain de Foenix
T/O Clara de Foenix
T/O Footman
T/O Footman
T/O Imogen Parrott
T/O Miss Brewster
T/O Mr Mortimer; Footman
T/O Mrs Mossop
Tom Wrench


Assistant director
Lighting designer


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  1. On 31st December 2021 at 3:22 p.m., KeithGregson noted:

    Went to see this when in the National Youth Theatre in London in summer 1966. Have always remembered seeing Maggie Smith and Robert Stephens acting together in my youth but didn’t realise what a magnificent cast it was – though for many their time was still to come. I think Derek Jacobi was pretty fresh from the National Youth Theatre. We had a flat in the same building as Barrie Rutter, Malcolm Storry and Tim Dalton – all great company. Long ago and far away.

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