The Glad Eye

Cast & Crew


Gaston Bocard


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  1. On 7th July 2021 at 12:13 p.m., Davison77 noted:

    The Era – 3 May 1916
    Mr. Martin Henry’s company here this week in ’’The Glad Eye.” Percy Goodyer the peccant Gaston Bocard infuses deal of energy and into his rendering; he is well seconded by Mr. Robert Maclachlan, who does excellently as Maurice Polignac. The two wives have admirable exponents in Miss Daisy Cordell and Miss Doris Oaks; W. E. Richardson gives an amusing character study old Gallipaux; Mr. Willie Warde, jun., is an excellent Chausette; Mr. Charles Kightly plays well as Ferdinand Floquet; Mr. Paul Gill does capitally as Tracassine: Mr. Guy Smethurst is good as the Comte de Beauve; Miss Nonny Lock makes lively and fascinating Kiki; and Messrs. T. H. Leyland and Charles Trevor and Miss Elsie Bollous complete a most efficient cast.

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