Coliseum Theatre

The Coliseum Theatre in Harrow was redesigned in 1940. It had formerly been a cinema (built by the founders of Hammer Films in 1923) and was now to be a live theatre for use by Alfred Denville, MP. Known as the “actors’ MP”, Denville was a theatre impresario and philanthropist and leading name in touring and repertory theatres. Nowadays he is best remembered for Denville Hall, the actors’ home which his fund-raising created.
The “new” theatre was opened by Queen Mary.
The Harrow theatre had 2000 seats. It was still open in the mid 1950s, with touring product like Elkan and Barry Simons’ revival of “Florodora”, and a Hedley Claxton pantomime, “Puss in Boots”.

Past productions

  • Station Road, Harrow


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