Alan Foss

Alan Foss was born in Surry in 1918. His father was George R. Foss (Producer at The Old Vic from 1918 to 1919) and his mother was Violet Cole (an actress who met George Foss when she took his elecution lessons).

Family rumour asserts that Alan first went on stage as an infant in a basket in one of his father’s productions. His first credited roles were at the age of 15. He joined the RAF at the outbreak of WWII and was stationed in West Africa in an administrative role. On his return he founded the small, short-lived Preston Repertory Company.

He was an aficionado of Shakespeare, cricket and P. G. Wodehouse. He took the latter as his specialist subject when he appeared as a contestant on Mastermind. He also appeared as an actor on a spoof April Fools’ Day episode of Mastermind. He continued to act and direct in theatre, film and television until his death in 1989.

Alan’s uncle (George R Foss’ brother) also did several season at The Old Vic between 1894 and 1904 under the stage name Charles Fulton.

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