St Helena

Cast & Crew


A Marine
A Mulatto Maid
A Ship’s Carpenter
A Subaltern
A Trooper
Admiral Sir George Cockburn
An Officer
Captain Nicholls
Child of Countess Bertrand – Hortense
Child of Countess Bertrand – Napoleon
Chinese Gardener
Chinese Gardener
Chinese Gardener
Cipriani Maitre d’Hotel
Count Las Cases
Countess Bertrand
Countess Montholon
Dr Antommarchi
Dr O’Meara
General Baron Gourgaud
General Count Bertrand
General Count Montholon
Napoleon’s Valet – Marchand
Napoleon’s Valet – St Denis
Navarrez Usher
Sir Hudson Love, Governor of St Helena
The Abbe Buonavita
The Abbe Vignali
Tristan, the Montholon’s Son
Two English Sailors
Two English Sailors
Two French Servants
Two French Servants




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