Look Look

This specific production does not yet have a description, but the play itself does:

In some ways this play is an inversion of Frayn’s great success “Noises Off”. This time instead of watching a play and then seeing it from backstage we are presented with a view of an audience watching a play. Various members of an audience arrive, take their places, and then talk to each other or themselves and comment not only on the play they are supposed to be watching but also on their own lives. Much of this is to the irritation of the author of the play they have come to see.

In the second half the play takes on an even more surreal element when some of the characters take on a different personality and become part of the play itself. Unlike “Noises Off” audiences didn’t take to it and the play closed after four weeks.

Cast & Crew


F 12 – Quentin
F 13 – Joan
F 14 – Helena
G 13 – Lee
G 14 (later G 15) – Wendy
G 15 (later F 15) – Charles
G 15 (later G 14) – Reginald
G 16 (later F 16) – Amanda
G 16 – Eileen
H 18 – Keith
I 16 – Bobbie
I 17 – Merrill
Stage Manager




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