Peer Gynt

Cast & Crew


A Button Moulder
Aase, a farmer’s widow; Old Troll Woman
Aslak, a smith; Troll Doctor; Voice of the Boyg; Herr van Eberkopf; Fellah, with a mummy; Man in Mourning (Aslak)
Ingrid, the Bride; Woman in Green; The Old Woman in Green; Anitra, daughter of a Bedouin Sheik; Lunatic
Matt Moen, the bridegroom; Young Troll; Mr Cotton; Hussein a minister; Man in Grey
Peer Gynt
Solveig’s Father; Troll Courtier; Guard; Schafmann, keeper; Bosun; A Thin Man
Solveig; Young Troll
Steward; Dovre-Master; Schlingelberg, a keeper; Norwegian Captain; A Crooked Old Man
The Bridegroom’s Father; Troll Courtier; Herr Trumpeterstraale; Begriffenfeldt, professor and director of the lunatic asylum in Cairo; Helmsman; Bailiff
Wedding Guest; Herd girl; Young Troll; Helga, Solveig’s sister; Arabian Dancing Girl; Lunatic
Wedding Guest; Troll Courtier; Slave; Huhu, a language fanatic; Strange Passenger
Wedding Guest; Young Troll; An Ugly Child; Monsieur Ballon; Lunatic; Look-Out; a Priest
Wedding Guest; Young Troll; Boy, who cuts his finger off; Slave; Lunatic; Cook
Woman, with a sack of corn; Wedding Guest; Herd girl; Troll Wife; Kari, a cottager’s wife; Arabian Dancing Girl; Lunatic


Music Composer; Musician – guitar & synthesizers
Musical Supervision
Musican – piano & synthesizers
Scenery & Costumes


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