Production of HJ Byron’s comedy ‘ Uncle ‘ from the Gaiety Theatre, London, preceded by ‘ Jealousy ‘ by WH Dearlove.

Cast & Crew


Ada Merton & Sarah Jane
Emily Montrose
Mrs Beaumont
  (credited as Helen Lucca)
Paul Beaumont
Peter Fletcher & Falcon Byrne
The ‘ Uncle ‘ Bootle
  (credited as Alfred Selwyn)


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  1. On 1st September 2012 at 8:04 p.m., Laurence van Kleek noted:

    In the production the following week at the Shodfriars Hall, Boston, Lincs the part of Emily Montrose is credited to Miss Violet Hood, the co producer, and I believe this is in fact Miss Laurie Harrington who is credited in each of the other weeks.

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