Alone It Stands

by John Breen

Cast & Crew


several characters
several characters
several characters
several characters
several characters
  (credited as Joe Sales)


Commentator (voice-over)
Director and Producer
Lighting Design
Lighting Operation
Poster design and photography
Set construction
Set construction
Set design
Stage Manager
several characters
Special thanks to
Special thanks to
  (credited as Andy Jeffers)


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Play description

October 31st 1978. Thomond Park, Limerick. The mighty New Zealand All Blacks, on an Irish tour, take on the none-too-mighty Munster team – and, to everyone’s surprise, they lose 12–0. From this piece of Irtish sporting history John Breen has fashioned a funny, lively play in which both teams, plus fans, children, relatives and even a dog, are portrayed by a cast of six, with no props and only a half-time change of shirt.


  1. On 3rd July 2012 at 6:01 p.m., Joseph Sales noted:

    First non-professional production of John Breen’s comedy.

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