The Brilliant Boffios

Summer Tour 1988.
“Our tour this year takes us to major towns and cities of both the North and South of England, bringing our ”New Circus“ spectacular to you. The inspirations behind ”New Circus“ are wide and varied, and we are confident that our enjoyment is yours too!”

Cast & Crew


Juggling and Unicycle
Stilts, Juggling and Acrobatics
Trapeze and Juggling
Trapeze and Web


Tent Master and Stage Manager
Writer and Director


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Play description

“The Brilliant Boffios” are a fun loving, happy and highly talented troupe of players.
“King Liar” is miserable and sits on a throne of boredom – the only thorn in his side – “The Brilliant Boffios”. His revenge on them is bitter sweet – shooting them into space. Their story is one of galactic adventures – thrills, spills, happiness and sadness! But each time they bounce back with more energy and daring than before – their skills save them and culminate in King Liars’ downfell and their guaranteed happiness!


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