11th Summer Season 1930

Cast & Crew


Light Comedy Dancer
One of Margate’s favourite entertainers
One of Margate’s favourite entertainers
one of the Margate Girls
one of the Margate Girls
one of the Margate Girls
Our Comedienne
The Revue Artiste
  (credited as Comedian and Producer)
  (July – August 1930)


Assistant Stage Manager
Musical Director
property master
Stage Manager
The Charming Danseuse


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Play description

Margate’s Leslie Fullers Ped’lers summer season at the Clifton Concert Hall, Cliftonville.
These summer season concerts started in 1919 and continued into the mid 1930’s when Leslie’s film career took off. He revived the concert parties in 1946 but he died suddenly in 1948.

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  1. On 19th November 2010 at 1:27 p.m., Antonia Davis noted:

    Leslie Fuller started his concert party “The Ped’lers” in 1919 after being demobbed from the army where he was already an entertainer in the Huntingdonshire Cycling Battalion’s concert parties performing at the Whitby Coliseum Theatre. He then took the concert party to Margate performing at the Clifton Hall attached to the Baths. They performed there almost every summer throughout 1924 to until the outbreak of WW2 and also toured the Stoll circuit in the winter including London’s Coliseum and Alhambra. Leslie revived The Ped’lers again in 1946. he died in 1948 at Margate.

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