**Performed in Hindi**

A veteran of 100 films with a career spanning across 3 decades, director and lead actor Paresh Rawal, along with talented co-stars, bring alive this play by the minute. Marriage is no laughing matter or is it? If the answer is yes, if you happen to be watching Paresh Rawal in An uproariously entertaining comedy on the lighter side of matrimony‚Ķ. A tribute to Paresh Rawal’s immense acting talent.

The Hindi play, which was originally produced in Marathi, is about couple whose marriage is tested by husband’s conniving mother. The husband is the scapegoat in the war of attrition between the wife and mother-in-law. Through ups and downs, the play provides insightful commentary on relationships and the importance of compromising by the narrators.

Apart from Paresh Rawal who plays Manoj Dudhwala, the cast of the play includes renowned television and theatre actress Hetal Patel as the wife, Vaishalee Thakkar as mother and Umesh Shukla as a father. is a wonderful treat for those who have bitten, or are about to bite into the proverbial ‘shaadi ka laddu’.Its something that they will remember for a long time to come.

The significance of the title is to bring contemporary flavour to the play while making fun of relationships.

Cast & Crew

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