Strawberry Fields

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Strawberry Fields brings together a group of distinctive characters who have little in common other than the cause that they support and is set against the question of how seemingly harmless individual characters might, in given socio-historical circumstances, get drawn into extreme beliefs and, indeed, violent action.

Described by Robin Nelson as “journey play” that “has a claustrophobic cauldron atmosphere, adding tension to what at the outset appear to be innocuous events. It is a kind of inverse Easy Rider rather than a play in which the built environment entraps the characters.” Nelson referred to the CBC Radio review which described the play, “it’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ with guns and sexual nostalgia, sort of a fairy tale cross between Pinter and Easy Rider”.

Strawberry Fields has had many productions since, especially across Europe. The play was also presented at the Manhattan Theatre Club in New York in 1978. It was made into a television film version in West Germany, which was transmitted on Channel 4 in 1985.

The playtext was issued in 1977 by Methuen.

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  1. On 22nd July 2010 at 12:25 p.m., Richard Mangan noted:

    Cottesloe season at the Young Vic

  2. On 23rd April 2012 at 12:53 p.m., Richard Mangan noted:

    This production dd not open because of industrial action at the National Theatre

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