Under Milk Wood

The first full length stage production of the play in the West End.

Cast & Crew


1st Drowned / Sinbad
1st Neighbour / Mrs Willy Nilly / Mrs Beynon
2nd Drowned / Ocky Milkman / Mr Pugh
2nd Neighbour / Bessie Bighead / Mrs Cherry Owen
3rd Drowned / Organ Morgan / Evans The Death
3rd Neighbour / Mrs Pugh / 3rd Woman
4th Drowned / Willy Nilly / The Guidebook
5th Drowned / Jack Black / P.C. Atila Rees / Fisherman
Captain Cat
Gossamer Beynon
Jackie With The Sniff
Lily Smalls / Our Sal / 1st Woman
Little Boy Waldo / Billy Swansea
Mae Rose Cottage
Maggy Richards / Gwenny
Matti Richards / One of Mr Waldo’s / Child
Mog Edwards / Lord Cut Glass / Utah Watkins
Mr Ogmore / Nogood Boyo
Mr Pritchard / Cherry Owen / Dai Bread / Fisherman
Mr Waldo / Butcher Beynon
Mrs Ogmore Pritchard
Mrs Organ Morgan / Mrs Dai Bread One
Myfanwy Price / Matti’s Mother / 2nd Woman / Mother
Nasty Humphrey
Rev. Eli Jenkins
Ricky Rees
Rosie Probert / 4th Neighbour / Mrs Dai Bread Two
Waldo’s Mother / 4th Woman / Mary Ann Sailors
Waldo’s Wife / Polly Garter
Waldo’s Wife / Polly Garter (Replacement)


Co Director
Co Director


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