Star Quality

In his wickedly funny final play Noel Coward takes us behind the scenes of a new West End production. Conjuring up a wonderfully authentic backstage world of talent and treachery. Coward creates a gallery of unforgettable characters; temperamental leading lady, ruthless director, jaded old troupers and, caught somewhere between them all, innocent young playwright. From tentative first rehearsal to triumphant opening night, the clash of egos becomes increasingly and hilariously bloody. But what emerges from the mayhem is a startling evocation of that most elusive gift of all – star quality

Cast & Crew


Beryl Fletcher
Bob Deacon
Bryan Snow
Eric Larch
Gerald Wentworth
Harry Thornton
Laura Whitby
Lorraine Barrie
Marion Blake
Nora Mitchell
Ray Malcolm
Tony Orford



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