A Penny for a Song

A revised version of Whiting’s 1951 play, with the character of Edward Sterne, in particular, significantly altered.

Cast & Crew


Dorcas Bellboys
Edward Sterne
George Selincourt
Hallam Matthews
Hester Bellboys
James Giddy
Joseph Brotherhood
Lamprett Bellboys
Rufus Piggott
Samuel Breeze
Sir Timothy Bellboys
Small Boy
William Humpage


Music recorded by (band leader)
Song ‘The Bellman and Little Boney’ composed by
Wardrobe Mistress
Company Stage Manager
Press Representative
Press Representative
Press Representative


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Photo credits

  • A Penny for a Song cast photo August 1962, Other public domain
  • Judi Dench as Dorcas Bellboys in A Penny for a Song August 1962, Other public domain
  • Colin Jeavons, Marius Goring & Gwen Ffrangcon Davies in A Penny for a Song August 1962, Other public domain


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