One Way Pendulum

Cast & Crew


Arthur Groomkirby
Aunt Mildred
Clerk of the Court
Defending Counsel
Kirby Groomkirby
Mabel Groomkirby
Myra Gantry
Prosecuting Counsel
Robert Barnes
Stanley Honeyblock
Sylvia Groomkirby


Lighting Designer
Stage Manager
  (11th January – 23rd April 1988)
Assistant Carpenter
Assistant Electrician
Assistant Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Company Stage Manager
Costume Supervisor
Deputy Chief Electrician
Deputy Master Carpenter
Deputy Stage Manager
Deputy Stage Manager
Deputy Wardrobe Mistress
Electrics Dayman
Ladies’ costumes supplied by
Master Carpenter
Scenery built by
Stage Dayman
Wardrobe Mistress
Wig Mistress
Wigs and Makeup


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  1. On 26th March 2019 at 8:44 p.m., JanetmKennedy noted:

    One Canadian, Janet Kennedy was hired by the Mirvishes and was sent to London as a Stage Manager to assist with the rehearsals, and then to bridge the different methods of working in Britain with the crew’s methods in Canada. She did not participate in the London part of the run.

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