Ring Round the Moon

“The season comes to a thrilling close with the comic romance of Jean Anouilh’s RING ROUND THE MOON, in the celebrated adaptation by Christopher Fry … Making his British stage debut is Oscar-winning actor José Ferrer.” – Chichester publicity, 1988

This revival dropped the character ‘A General’ after the Chichester run.

Cast & Crew


A General
An Alter Ego
Diana Messerschmann
Frederic / Hugo
Isabelle’s mother
Lady India
Madame Desmortes
Patrice Bombelles
A General
  (started 6th September 1988)
An Alter Ego
  (started 3rd October 1988)


Costume Designer
Executive Producer
Music by
Musical Director
Translated by
Assistant Director
Assistant Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Company Manager
Deputy Stage Manager
Orchestra: clarinet, saxophones
Orchestra: double bass
Orchestra: keyboards
Orchestra: violin
Stage Manager


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Play description

Christopher Fry’s English adaptation of Jean Anouilh’s L’INVITATION AU CHATEAU. Subtitle: A CHARADE WITH MUSIC.


  1. On 13th August 2022 at 8:50 p.m., Benetta noted:

    In 1988 I was working with Elijah Moshinsky on a production of Tippett’s Midsummer Marriage for Channel 4. Just before working on this I’d worked on a documentary about Richard Rodney Bennett for ITV Central Production.

    Elijah was busy setting up Ring around the Moon and, rather idly said to me “I don’t suppose you know anyone who could write the incidental music for this production, do you?”

    I did. I knew *exactly* who would produce the perfect score, if he had the time and the inclination – he was a very celebrated composer and performer, but this period in French music was something I knew he loved. I put them in touch, and voilà: Richard wrote the music for this.

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