The Cathedral

This specific production does not yet have a description, but the play itself does:

Dramatisation of Hugh Walpole’s 1922 novel by Walpole himself. A previous version, by H Oldfield Box and Marion Fawcett, was presented in 1930 (qv).

Cast & Crew


Adam Brandon
Amy Brandon
Canon Bentinck-Major
Canon Foster
Canon Ronder
Dean of Porchester
Ellen Stiles
Falk Brandon
Frank Lockwood
Joan Brandon
Lord St Leath (‘Johnny’)
Miss Milton
Rev Frank Morris
Rev Mr Ryle


Designer (Cathedral Chapter House)
  (credited as R Schjelderup)
Designer (Cathedral Chapter House)
  (credited as G F Wiggins)
Designer (room in Archdeacon Brandon’s house)
Stage Director
Stage Manager
Business Manager
Dresses and hats for Miss Holme and Miss Lauchlan designed and made by
Orchestra under the direction of
Press Representative


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