Dear Octopus

Cast & Crew


Belle Schlessinger
Charles Randolph
Children of Charles & Dora – Cynthia Randolph
Children of Charles & Dora – Hilda Randolph
Children of Charles & Dora – Margery Harvey
Children of Charles & Dora – Nicholas Randolph
Dora Randolph
Edna Randolph (Hugh’s Mother)
Gertrude (Parlourmaid)
Grace Fenning (Fenny) (Dora’s Companion)
Grandchildren of Charles & Dora – Gwen (Flouncy) Harvey
Grandchildren of Charles & Dora – Hugh Randolph
Grandchildren of Charles & Dora – Kathleen (Scrap) Kenton
Grandchildren of Charles & Dora – William (Bill) Harvey
Kenneth Harvey (Margery’s Husband)
Laurel Randolph (Hugh’s Wife)
Nanny Patching (Nurse)




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