The Pony Cart

In February 1959, Lady Lewisham’s objections to ten-year-old Janina Faye appearing in a play about a paedophile led to Faye being replaced by Pauline Knight, who was 15. (‘I will sue Lady L. says the Pony Cart man’, Sunday Pictorial 15th February 1959, page 1.)

In September, however, Faye played the same role when Hammer Films made a film version, NEVER TAKE SWEETS FROM A STRANGER, without objection from Lady Lewisham. (‘No protest’, News Chronicle 14th September 1959, page 3.)

Cast & Crew


Clegg Hammond
Emma Olderberry
Jean Carter
Martha Carter
Mr Kalliduke
Mrs Kalliduke
Richard Olderberry
Sally Carter
Weldon (Pete) Carter


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