The Crucible

A witch hunt is beginning in Salem.

Raised to be seen and not heard, a group of young women suddenly find their words have a terrible power.

As a climate of fear spreads through the community, private vendettas fuel public accusations and soon the truth itself is on trial. 

Arthur Miller’s gripping parable of power and its abuse returns in an urgent new staging.

Cast & Crew


Abigail Williams
Ann Putnam / Sarah Good / Understudy Elizabeth Proctor
Deputy Governor Danforth
Elizabeth Proctor
Ensemble + Understudy Mary Warren
Ensemble / Understudy Herrick/Hathorne/Hopkins/Giles Corey/Francis Nurse
Ensemble / Understudy Mercy Lewis
Ensemble / Understudy Rebecca Nurse/Sarah Good/Ann Putnam
Ensemble / Understudy Susanna
Ensemble / Understudy Tituba
Ezekiel Cheever / Understudy Hale
Francis Nurse
Giles Corey
Hopkins / Understudy John Proctor
John Proctor
Judge Hathorne / Understudy Danforth
Marshal Herrick / Understudy Parris/Putnam/Cheever
Mary Warren
Mercy Lewis
Rebecca Nurse
Reverend Hale
Reverend Parris
Susanna Walcott / Understudy Abigail Williams
Thomas Putnam


Composer and Arranger
Costume Designer
Dialect Coach
Dialect Coach
Fight Director
Lighting Designer
Music Director and Arranger
Set Designer
Sound Designer (Content Design)
Sound Designer (System Design)
Staff Director


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Photo credits

  • The Crucible by Johan Persson, Creative Commons Attribution


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