Damsels in Distress

This specific production does not yet have a description, but the play itself does:

Three comedies by Alan Ayckbourn: GAMEPLAN, FLATSPIN and ROLEPLAY. The plays are connected thematically but don’t share the same plot or characters. However, they’re designed to be played in repertoire, featuring the same company of actors and utilising the same set – a Docklands apartment in London.

Cast & Crew


GP: Dan Endicott / FS: Tommy Angel / RP: Micky Rale
GP: Kelly Butcher / FS: Rosie Seymour / RP: Paige Petite
GP: Leo Tyler / FS: Maurice Whickett / RP: Derek Jobson
GP: Lynette Saxon / FS: Edna Stricken / RP: Arabella Lazenby
GP: PC Grace Page / FS: Annette Sefton-Wilcox / RP: Dee Jobson
GP: Sorrel Saxon / FS: Tracy Taylor / RP: Julie-Ann Jobson
GP: Troy Stephens / FS: Sam Berryman / RP: Justin Lazenby




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