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Yajnaseni is a play in Nepali language by Suman Pokhrel. It is a theatrical adaptation of Pratibha Ray’s novel in same title. Suman Pokhrel has rendered the novel into solo play in Nepali by bringing ‘Yajnaseni’ alone in the scenes. Pokhrel has personalized the play while maintaining the basic concept of the original story. Sunil Pokharel has directed this play and Nisha Sharma is performing the role of ‘Yajnaseni’ on stage.

‘Yajnaseni : the story of Draupadi’ is a novel by Pratibha Ray written originally in Odia language. The story revolves around Draupadi, one of the lead characters from the famous Sanskrit epic Mahabharata. The title of the novel is one of Draupadi‘s name ’Yajnaseni’, meaning “born from the fire of a ‘Yajna’”.

Draupadi, the most enthralled heroine of the Mahabharata, happens not only to be the most sacrificing, but also the least understood character in the epic. This novel is written with a neo-interpretation of Mahabharata from Draupadi’s perspective. Pratibha Ray has emotionally observed and artfully portrayed the melee of sorrows and joys from within Draupadi’s soul and mind that were submerged since the date of existence of Mahabharat.

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