The Lonnie Lee Show

David Laurie Rix, started in showbusiness as a singer on an amateur hour on Radio 2UW in Sydney Australia. He stared hos Rockabilly combo in Fab 1957 and started recording in 1959. Since then he has become one of Australia’s Music Legends however since 1959 he has been using the name Lonnie Lee. He has had 5 Gold Records and 8 Major National hits, written with Roy Orbison, written for Johnny Cash, lived in Nashville for 9 years and USA for near 15 years. He is now (2014) known as ;the last man standing from the original Rock’n’Roll era or The father of Australian Rockabilly. He has been inducted into many halls of fame and still writes and records which get play on major radio stations. Lonnie Lee is a real music legend. His show features his hits, stories of his life and career and songs from his peers of yesterday and today.

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