Aesop’s Foibles

A play by and

The musical comedy, which is about the muse, Thalia, seeking to find her calling by helping the slave, Aesop, to gain his freedom through the telling of his stories, was written by Glenelg teachers Carole Lehan and Tom French.
The musical will make its world premiere at the Fringe Festival in the 360-seat Church Hill Theatre, in Edinburgh, Lehan said. The show has been a year in the making, said Lehan, a drama teacher at the school who wrote the script for “Aesop’s Foibles.” Students auditioned for the show in September 2007 and rewrites were ongoing during the latest round of rehearsals last week, she added.
When the school was asked to apply for a spot in this year’s Fringe Festival, Lehan believed their chances of being accepted were slim, she said.

“I thought, ‘That would be very cool to do it, but what are the chances?’ ” she added.

French, a music teacher at the school who wrote the music and lyrics for the show, said that the right combination of elements – such as the songs, plot and student performers – came together for the group and made their trip to the festival a reality.

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