Aequus: Dance

Past productions

A play by

Choreographer Jean Abreu was inspired to create this particular piece by the rain forests of his native Brazil. According to Abreau it is an ‘homage to nature and its mysteries and through my body I translate these indescribable sensations and important messages’. And indeed, the piece is earthy and full of resonances from natural and primal forces. The dancers are dressed in earthy colours and transform again and again into creatures that crawl and climb and spring and swirl with natural grace and agility. They embody a Nature fluid and raw, but above all at ease with itself.
The stage is set with 50 wooden boxes, bathed in a metallic light and tinged with blue. Music like a distant rumbling in the earth reverberates through the theatre. Throughout the performance, simple, yet atmospheric lighting enhances the mood and the music fills the space with a thrilling mixture of sounds and rhythms. Partly pre-recorded, partly performed live on stage by Anselmo Netto and Felipe Karan, the music alone was mesmerizing.

At 11.25 in the morning, this is a wonderful show to start a good day on the Fringe.

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