Summer Holiday

At a London Transport bus repair works, three young mechanics, Cyril, Steve and Edwin, discuss the gloomy prospect of a British holiday only seven days away, but Cyril hints that their mate Don has ‘something up his sleeve’. Ever-cheerful Don arrives in his red double-decker bus, and tells them that LT have agreed to loan the bus for a continental summer holiday, provided they and their workmates re-equip it. Seven days later, with the bus re-fitted, the four lads set off on a fun filled adventure round Europe.

Transferred to the stage from the ‘60s hit musical film starring Cliff Richard, and with a cast all under 18, SUMMER HOLIDAY is sure to brighten up the gloomiest day and send you home with your feet tapping and a smile.

Cast & Crew

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Play description

“This stage adaptation of the 1963 film by Michael Gyngell and Mark Haddigan with its original screenplay by Peter Myers and Ronald Case…”
(Taken from the Highbury 2009–2010 leaflet)


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