This specific production does not yet have a description, but the play itself does:

‘A dramatic game by Jean-Louis Barrault, based on the works of Fran├žois Rabelais.’

Cast & Crew


Baby Gargantua / Aeditus
Dunghill / Eusthenes
Early-Pear / Dingdong
Friar John of the Funnels
Friar John’s wrestler / shepherd
Frogier / Gallet / Triboulet
Gargamelle / dancer
Grandgousier / Grimalkin
gymnast / sailor
Lantern / dance leader / nursemaid
Lantern / dancer / nun
Lantern / dancer / nursemaid
  (credited as Janie Kells)
Lantern / dancer / nursemaid
Lantern / dancer / nursemaid
Orator of the Company / Ponocrates
Picrochole / beggar
Picrochole-Wrestler / Carpalim
Pillot / sailor
Play-Leader / Xenomanes
Princess Bacbuc / Hostess of Thelema / dancer
Queen of the Divine Bottle / dancer / city girl
sailor/ dancer / shepherd
Thubal Holofernes / Putherbeus
Touchfaucet / Calvin


Assistant to the Director
Choreographic Assistant
Fight Arranger
Music by
Presented by
Presented by
Presented in association with
Translated by
Assistant Stage Manager (props)
Assistant Stage Manager (sound)
Company Manager
Deputy Stage Manager
Press Representative
Production Assistant
Production Photography
Production Secretary
Production Supervisor
Programme and FOH Design
Wardrobe Mistress


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