Alarums and Excursions

Part of Theatregoround London Season 1967/68
Key to productions: ACK, The Actor at Work; AKA, Alarums and Excursions; ALW: All the World’s a Stage; ELR, Eleanor Rigby; EVB, Eve and After; GRE, Green Julia; HOL, The Hollow Crown; JAA, Jackdaw; KNA, The Knack; PL1, The Play in Rehearsal; PLS, Pleasure and Repentance; ROO, Room for Company; THZ, The Theban War; UND, Under Milk Wood.
12 December, Thomas Bennett School, Crawley, Sussex, ALW.
13 December, Archway School, Highgate, London, KNA.
14 December, Ladbroke School (Senior), London, ALW.
15 December, City of London School, London, ALW.
18 December, The Sele School, Hertford, Hertfordshire, ALW, KNA.
19 December, St Albans Grammar School for Girls, Hertfordshire, ALW.
9–13 January, Questors Theatre, Ealing, London, AKA, ALW, KNA, PLS.
10 January, Lloyd Park Pavilion, Walthamstow, London, PLS.
17 January, Ravensbourne College of Art, Bromley, Kent, PLS.
18 January, Haggerston School, London, PLS.
22 January, East Ham Grammar School for Girls, East Ham, London, ALW.
23 January, Wimbledon Town Hall, London, ALW, KNA.
25 January, Bishop Douglass School, Finchley, London, UND.
26 January, Somerset School, Tottenham, London, ACK.
29 January, Hugh Christie School, Tonbridge, Kent, ACK.
30 January, St Mary’s College, Twickenham, Middlesex, UND.
31 January, Stevenage College of Further Education, Hertfordshire, ACK.
1 February, The Civic Hall, Camberley, Surrey, UND.
2 February, St Helen’s School, Northwood, Middlesex, ACK.
5–9 February, Theatregoround in Northern Ireland. Grove Theatre, Belfast, each evening, School halls in afternoons, UND, HOL.
8 February, St Gabriel’s College, Camberwell, London, ALW.
12 February, St Mary’s Hall, Twickenham, Middlesex. PL1.
13 February, Plaistow Grammar School, London, ALW.
14 February, Lewisham Town Hall, London, ALW.
14 February, Brittons Secondary School, Rainham, Essex, UND.
15 February, Kings College, Clapham College, London, PL1.
16 February, Bexley Speech and Drama Association, Pickardy Girls School, Kent, PLS.
19 February, North Havering College of Adult Education, Romford, Essex, ALW.
20 February, Eltham Palace, London, PLS.
21 February, Bexley Speech and Drama Association, Pickardy Girls School, Kent, PLS
22 February, St Alban’s Grammar School for Boys, Hertfordshire, PL1.
23 February, The Sele School, Hertford, Hertfordshire, UND.
26 February, Loughton College of Further Education, Essex, ALW.
27 February, St Albans Grammar School for Girls, Hertfordshire, PL1.
27 February, Walthamstow Adult Education Centre, London, ALW.
28 February, Ruckholt Manor Secondary School, London, PL1.
29 February, Chiswick Grammar School. London, ALW.
1 March, Wycombe Arts Festival, Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe, ALW.
5 March, Rachel Macmillan College, London, ALW.
6 March, Lambeth Town Hall, London, ALW.
7 March, International Students House, London, ALW.
8 March, Twickenham County Girls’ School, Middlesex, PL1.
9 March, Luton Library Theatre, Bedfordshire, ALW.
12, 13 March, Ford Motor Company, Brentwood, Essex, ALW.
14 March, BP House, London, ALW.
15 March, Letchworth Adult Educational Settlement, Hertfordshire, ALW.
16 March, Bourne School, Ruislip, Middlesex, ALW.
18 March, Abbotsford County Secondary School, Ashford, Middlesex, ALW.
20 March, Archway School, Highgate, London, ALW.
22 March, Horsey College of Arts, London, PL1.
27 March, John Ruskin Grammar School, Croydon, Surrey, PL1, ALW.
28 March, St Martin’s College of Art, London, ALW.
29 March, Hazelwick School, Crawley, Sussex, PL1.
1 April, Winchester, Hampshire, ELR.
1 April, Holy Trinity Convent, Bromley, Kent, ALW.
2 April, Havant, Hampshire, ELR.
2 April, Springhead School, Northfleet, Gravesend, ALW.
3 April, Basingstoke, Hampshire, ELR.
3 April, Heriots Wood Grammar School, Stanmore, Middlesex, ALW.
4 April, Purley Grammar School for Boys, Old Coulsdon, Surrey, ALW.
5 April, Kilburn Senior High School, London, ALW.
9 April, St Joseph’s College, London, ALW.
10 April, Arts Council of Waltham Holy Cross, Waltham Abbey, Essex, ALW.
26 April, Hardley County Secondary School, Southampton, ELR.
30 April, Haymarket Theatre, Basingstoke, Hertfordshire, THZ.
1 May, Tom Hood Technical High School, Leytonstone, London, THZ.
2 May, Bulmershe College of Education, Reading, Berkshire, THZ.
3 May, Fareham Further Education Centre, Hampshire, THZ.
6 May, Winston Churchill Hall, Ruislip, THZ.
8 May, Willesden High School, London, THZ.
10 May, Eastbourne College, THZ.
13 May, St Albans Girls Grammar School, Hertfordshire, THZ, GRE.
14 May, Ilford County High School for Girls, Essex, THZ.
15 May, Furzedown College of Education, London, THZ.
16 May, Hackney Down School, London, THZ.
17 May, Gipsy Hill College, Kingston, Surrey, THZ.
20 May, The Close Theatre, Glasgow, THZ.
21 May, Kings Park Secondary School, Glasgow, THZ.
21,22 May, Athenaeum Theatre, College of Dramatic Art, Glasgow, PL1, THZ.
22 May, St Thomas Aquinas School, Glasgow, PL1.
24 May, The County Boys’ School, Harrow, Middlesex, PL1
27 May, Christ Church College of Education, Canterbury, Kent, PL1, THZ.
28 May, Ashford School, Kent, THZ, PL1.
29 May, Huntly School, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, THZ.
30 May, St Mary’s College, Twickenham, Middlesex, GRE.
7 June, Letchworth Adult Educational Settlement, Hertfordshire, THZ.
10 June, Clay Cross Centre, Derbyshire, PL1, THZ.
11 June, Middlecroft County Secondary School, Staveley, Derbyshire, THZ, PL1.
12 June, Gosforth School, Dromfield, Derbyshire, PL1.
17 June, BP Theatre Group, Britannic House, London, PL1.
18 June, Upbury Manor Secondary School, Gillingham, Kent, PL1, THZ.
19 June, The Questors Theatre, Ealing, London, ELR.
21 June, The Civic Hall, Camberley, Surrey, THZ.
22 June, Cannon Hill, Birmingham, THZ.
24 June, Churchfield School, West Bromwich, ELR.
25 June, North Havering College of Adult Education, Romford, Essex, THZ.
26 June, Monks Walk Secondary School, Welwyn Garden City. The Workshop.
27 June, The Sele School, Hertford, Hertfordshire, THZ, GRE.
1–6 July, The Forum Theatre, Billingham, ALW, PL1, GRE, THZ, HOL, EVB.
8 July, Raynes Park Grammar School, London, PL1, THZ.
9–11 July, Aldwych Theatre, London, ROO.
12 July, The King’s School, Canterbury, Kent, THZ.
15 July, Hertfordshire and Essex High School, Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, PL1, GRE.
17 July, Harlow Technical College, Essex, THZ, GRE.
18 July, Orpington Grammar School for Girls, Kent, PL1, THZ.
19 July, Wimbledon Town Hall, London, THZ.
22 July, Marianne Thornton School, Clapham Common, London, THZ, PL1.
23–25 July, Cherry Hinton Hall, Cambridge, JAA, THZ, PL1.

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