Under Milk Wood

Dylan Thomas‘ Under Milk Wood tells of the small dreams and grand desires of the living and the dead of Llaregyb. It was first broadcast on radio in 1954, shortly after the author’s death. The main ’voice’ was that of Richard Burton and his name has become associated with the piece almost as much as that of the author.

Blind Captain Cat dreams of the drowned comrades of his youth and of his long dead love, Rosie Probert. Myfanwy Price dreams that Mog Edwards, ‘a draper mad with love’, will warm her sheets like an electric toaster. Mr Waldo dreams of all the women who have pursued him through his life. Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard nags the ghosts of her widowed husbands. Dai Bread the baker, with one wife for the day and one for the night dreams of harems. Polly Garter dreams of babies and Rev. Eli Jenkins dreams of a peaceful community‚Ķ

Cast & Crew

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