Under Milk Wood

The premiere at the Theatre Royal, Newcastle-upon-Tyne was the first full length stage production of the play in the United Kingdom. It then transferred to the Edinburgh International Festival before visiting Liverpool, Swansea and Cardiff. The production had its West End opening at the New Theatre, London on 20th September 1956.

Cast & Crew


1st Drowned / Sinbad
1st Neighbour / Mrs Willy Nilly / Mrs Beynon
2nd Drowned / Ocky Milkman / Mr Pugh / Fisherman
2nd Neighbour / Bessie Bighead / Mrs Cherry Owen
3rd Drowned / Organ Morgan / Evans the Death
3rd Neighbour / Mrs Pugh / 3rd Woman
4th Drowned / Willy Nilly / The Guide Book
5th Drowned / Jack Black / P.C. Attila Rees / Fisherman
Captain Cat
Gossamer Beynon
Lily Smalls / Little Gerwain / 1st Woman
Little Boy Waldo / Ricky Rees / Billy Swansea
Mae Rose Cottage
Maggy Richards / Jackie with the sniff
Matti Richards / Our Sal / Child
Mog Edwards / Utah Watkins / Lord Cut Glass
Mr Ogmore / Nogood Boyo
Mr Pritchard / Cherry Owen / Fisherman
Mr Waldo / Butcher Beynon
Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard
Mrs Organ Morgan / Mrs Dai Bread One
Myfanwy Price / Matti’s mother / 2nd Woman / Mother
One of Mr Waldo’s / Gwenny
Rev. Eli Jenkins
Rosie Probert / 4th Neighbour / Mrs Dai Bread Two
Waldo’s mother / Mary Ann Sailors / 4th Woman
Waldo’s wife / Polly Garter


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