The Notorious Mrs Ebbsmith

Reviewed in The Stage several times, initially on 22nd August 1895 (‘Manchester’: page 2.)

Cynthia Brooke began and ended this tour, with Constance Robertson taking over the title role in between. Herbert Clark started out as Rev Amos Winterfield and then took on the smaller role of Sir George Brodrick. Various other alternations took place as the tour progressed.

Cast & Crew


Agnes Ebbsmith
Antonio Poppe
Dr Kirke
Duke of St Olpherts
Gertrude Thorpe
Lucas Cleeve
Rev Amos Winterfield
Sir George Brodrick
Sir Sandford Cleeve
Sybil Cleeve
T / O Agnes Ebbsmith
T / O Nella
T / O Rev Amos Winterfield
T / O Sybil Cleeve
T / O Sybil Cleeve


Advance Representative
Business Manager
Stage Manager


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