In Praise of Love

This specific production does not yet have a description, but the play itself does:

When this play was first performed in the West End on the 27th September 1973 at the Duchess Theatre it was in the form of a double bill with the overall title of “In Praise of Love”. The main play, subsequently known as “In Praise of Love”, was then titled “After Lydia” and was preceded by “a divertimento” called “Before Dawn”. The same four cast members played in both pieces. “Before Dawn” was not well received and was dropped from future productions and so “In Praise of Love” became the new title for “After Lydia”.

The play was “inspired” by the marriage of Rex Harrison and Kay Kendall.

Cast & Crew


Joey Cruttwell
Lydia Cruttwell
Mark Walters
Sebastian Cruttwell


Assistant Stage Manager
Company and Stage Manager
Deputy Stage Manager
Lighting Designer
Production Carpenter
Production Electrician
Wardrobe and Wigs


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