Henry VI

Cast & Crew


1st Messenger
2nd Messenger
Cardinal Beaufort
Charles of France
Duchess of Gloucester
Duke of Bedford
Duke of Gloucester
Duke of Norfolk
Duke of Somerset
Duke of Suffolk
Duke of York
Duke Reignier
Earl of Warwick
Earl of Westmoreland
Edward Plantagenet
Joan Hume
Joan La Pucelle
King Henry VI
Lady Grey
Lord Clifford
Margaret Jourdain
Prince Edward
Queen Margaret
Richard of Gloucester
Rutland’s Nurse
Sir John Talbot
Young Clifford
Young John Talbot
Young Somerset


Artwork Design
Assistant Director
Assistant Stage Manager
Box Office Manager
Flight Director
Lighting Design
Production Manager
Production Photography
Publicity Team
Publicity Team
Publicity Team
Set Design
Stage Manager
Publicity Team


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